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Celebrate Snacktime™
Crunchy, Tasty and Healthy!

Celebrate Snacktime™
Crunchy, Tasty and Healthy!

Festive Chickpeas™ Sea Salt
Sea Salt

crunchy and buttery heaven

Festive Chickpeas™ Mild Spicy
Mild Spicy

just the right kick of heat

Festive Chickpeas™ Fiery Spicy
Fiery Spicy

It just burns sooo good!!

Introducing New Flavors

Festive Chickpeas™ Ranch


salad dressing

Festive Chickpeas™ Honey BBQ
Honey BBQ

sweet & smoky


Festive Chickpeas™ Sour Cream and Onion
Sour Cream

this sour cream is legit

all natural

Festive Chickpeas™ are made with all-natural and healthy ingredients,
containing no artificial flavors or preservatives.
no preservatives
Naturally good
100% vegan
Join the Plant-based movement with this easy crunchy snack
Ingredients grown in nature and seasoned to perfection
Best suitable for soy-free diets keeping you away from allergy

 Nutritious snacking

A delicious, nutritious snack made from all natural chickpeas seasoned with mouth-watering flavors


Enjoy shame-free snacking that is protein-rich and packed with fiber, iron and potassium.
Let's see if potato chips do that!
high protein
sea salt
Ocean-fresh sea salt
no trans fat
Ingredients grown in nature and seasoned to perfection
We understand and take care of your diet

happy customers make us feel festive

BFF for your salad

Healthy eating with
Festive Chickpeas™

Low Fat, Cholesterol-FREE, 0g Trans Fats
Tastes Amazing + Perfect Crunch
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